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Papaya Mozzarella Salat

von Claudia am 12. Juli 2016, keine Kommentare

Papaya Mozzarella Salat

Die Idee zu diesem leckeren Salat kam über ein Foto, welches mir Philipps Mutter Ulrike eines Abends über Whats App sendete. Jetzt ist der Salat ein absoluter Renner bei uns und die perfekte Beilage zum Grillen: Herzhaft und fruchtig zugleich und irgendwie erfrischend. Ich habe ihn in der letzten Woche gleich zweimal gemacht.

Ich bin ja ein großer Fan von Büffelmozzarella. Ja, Büffelmozzarella ist deutlich teurer, aber er schmeckt auch einfach richtig gut. Aber grundsätzlich gibt es bei Mozzarella deutliche Qualitätsunterschiede. Wer sich für die 0,59 Cent-Mozzarella-Variante aus dem Discounter entscheidet ist auch selber Schuld, wenn er nur „Gummi-Käse“ ohne Geschmack bekommt.

Wollen wir hoffen, dass das Wetter am Wochenende wieder zum Grillen einlädt!

Papaya Mozzarella Salat 2

Papaya Mozzarella Salat 3

Für 2 Personen oder für 4 Personen als Beilage:

  • 1 mittelgroße, reife Papaya
  • 300g Büffelmozzarella
  • Saft von 1 Limette
  • 3 EL Olivenöl
  • 1 EL Ahornsirup
  • Peffer und Salz
  • Balsamicocreme
  • 1 Handvoll frischen Basilikum

  • Die Papaya schälen, entkernen und in mundgerechte Stücke schneiden. Den Büffelmozzarella abtropfen und ebenfalls in mundgerechte Stücke schneiden. Papaya und Mozzarella auf einem Teller arrangieren. Für das Dressing Limettensaft, Olivenöl und Ahornsirup verrühren und mit Salz und Pfeffer abschmecken. Das Dressing auf dem Salat verteilen und alles mit Balsamicocreme beträufeln. Zum Schluss mit gehacktem, frischem Basilikum garnieren.

    Tabbouleh Style Spring Salad

    von Claudia am 5. April 2014, keine Kommentare

    Taboulé Style Spring Salad

    I have been gazing at spring food pictures in quite a few food magazines over the past weeks, longing for the fresh produce to finally be available. Every year I eagerly await the asparagus season. Now it’s finally here! And fresh ramps! Time to make a refreshing spring salad!

    This salad is inspired by a classic Lebanese Tabbouleh (or Taboulé) salad. But here it’s Bulgur and spring veggies: perfect match. The almonds give the salad a crunchy twist. The salad is great on its own or served as a side dish. Traditionally Tabbouleh is part of a Mezze.

    Look at the beautiful ramps!

    Ramps leaves

    Green asparagus

    Taboulé Style Spring Salad Bowl

    Make sure to vote at the Saveur Best Food Blog Award 2014. A few of my favorite food blogs are nominated. Every year I discover fantastic new food blogs through this award. This year it’s Vegetarian Ventures.

    Serves two:

  • 1 cup bulgur
  • 1 cup ramps leaves, chopped
  • 10-12 green asparagus stalks, ends removed
  • 1/2 cup chopped almonds
  • 1 chopped spring onion

  • For the dressing:

  • Juice from 1 lemon
  • 3 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
  • Salt and pepper

  • Bring bulgur with double the amount of slightly salted water to a boil and then let it simmer for about ten minutes over medium heat until the water is absorbed. Set bulgur aside to cool down. Simmer green asparagus in slightly salted water over medium heat for about 10 minutes. Drain asparagus and allow to cool down. After that chop the asparagus into small pieces. Combine all salad ingredients in a large bowl, pour the dressing on top and mix everything well.

    Veggie Sushi Bowl

    von Claudia am 27. Oktober 2013, keine Kommentare

    Veggie Sushi Bowl

    The blog Green Kitchen Stories by David Frenkiel and Luise Vindahl was one of the first food blogs that I bookmarked. Their healthy and simple cooking style has definitely inspired me over the past few years. So I was very excited when they released their first book this year. „The Green Kitchen“ is a collection of beautiful vegetarian recipes and tips on how to get a healthier and more versatile pantry. You should definitely have a look at this great book!

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    Refreshing Couscous Mint Salad

    von Claudia am 10. Juli 2013, 2 Kommentare

    couscous mint salad

    Last saturday was the first time I attended a supperclub dinner. Supperclubs are private underground restaurants or actually dinner parties, which are organized at somebody’s home or at secret places. They are advertised via the internet, social media and word of mouth and the number of guests is limited. The host invites a certain number of „strangers“ for a self-cooked dinner menu.

    I just recently heard about supperclubs and was well excited about the idea to spend an evening with total strangers who as enthusiastic about food as I am. It really was a great experience. The atmosphere was unique and we had a four-course-dinner accompanied by great wines. I would definitely do it again.

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    Caprese summer salad with Cannellini Beans

    von Claudia am 4. Juli 2013, 2 Kommentare

    caprese summer salad with cannellini beans

    We have been cheering for my cousin last weekend at the Düsseldorf Triathlon. I love sports events. Especially running and Triathlon. So since Sunday I am even keener on getting a racing bike. It is such a good thing to have – especially in the summer. The Rhineland has so many great routes and you are quickly out of the city.

    I should get one.

    And you should make this salad.

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    Simple Refreshing Radish Salad

    von Claudia am 24. April 2013, keine Kommentare

    refreshing radish salad

    It’s spring time! I couldn’t wait any longer!

    Goodbye cold weather and grey skies! I just came home from work and the restaurants are filled with people enjoying dinner and drinks outside. This is fantastic!

    This time of the year, when the markets start to fill with glowing green and colorful produce it’s time for fresh and crisp salads.

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