Japan Food Markets

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Tokyo market daikon

tokyo wurzeln 2

tokyo black carrots

tokyo wurzel

Tokyo market pickled pumpkin

Tokyo fish market

Squid Tokyo Fish market

tokyo fish market octopus

tokyo fish market man

Tokyo fish market clams

Kyoto market greens

Kyoto market fish

Kyoto market pickles tons

Kyoto market pickels

Takayama market pickles

These are some impressions of the food markets we visited in Japan.

The famous Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo is quite something. We arrived at 4:00 am to see the tuna auction and the early morning lively hustle and bustle. At 6:00 am the little eateries are packed with workers and tourists and around 10:00 am the market is almost over. It was definitely an experience.

Another highlight was the Nishiki food market in Kyoto, where you can experience the diversity of Japanese food. Some things were difficult to identify. There was a lot of dried fish, seaweed, pickled vegetables and traditional Japanese sweets.

The market in Takayama, a small town in the mountains, is famous for pickles (an important part of the Japanese diet). The Farmers arrive early in the mornings to sell their different varieties of pickled radish, cucumber, pumpkin, cabbage, plums and much more. I have never seen such a large variety of pickles before.

I love visiting markets in foreign countries. It’s always interesting to see the variety of food and to find inspiration.

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  1. One of the best ways to get to know any country. The fresh wasabi looks delicious – you can add that to almost any salty dish for more flavour. We're currently developing a wasabi seafood pizza for our Chinese consumers…

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